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The iGaming industry already has billions of dollars circulating as of 2020. It is forecasted to grow even more by the year 2025. Considering this it is safe to assume that the competition at the online gambling arena will intensify. Muchogaming and is excited to share with you its Step by Step Guide about The Easiest Way to Start an Online Casino in 2020. We hope that our tips will help you smoothly start-up in this rewarding industry.


Step 1: Choose an Online Casino Software Provider

This is the most important step if you want to start an online casino in 2020. In other words, your iGaming Software Provider will be a guide through the iGaming industry especially at the start. The easiest way is to choose a White Label Turnkey Solutions Provider to cover most of your business’s needs.

At Muchogaming we provide you with a White Label Turnkey Solution including:

  • Curacao Online Gambling License
  • Payment processing
  • Customer Retention Management
  • Customer Support Services
  • Market Leading Games
  • Business Analytics
  • Mobile, Tablet and PC Platform
  • Affiliate Program


Step 2: Select your iGaming Content 

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Online Casino and Online Sportsbook

Decide what content you are planning to offer to your players. The most beloved casino games are slots, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and poker. Live Casino games are growing in popularity because of social distancing and the Covid19 effects since they help bring a real-life gambling experience to the comfort of the player’s homes.

Later, you might want to expand offering Sports betting services and enter the exciting and popular sport-betting market.

iGaming Content Providers

To start an online casino in 2020, make sure that your iGaming Software Provider cooperates with the top gaming providers in the industry to always be up-to-date in regards to the latest casino games. Such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Genesis Gaming, Play’n Go, and Wazdan for example. Also, in case you are thinking to opt-in to Online Sportsbook, make sure that your provider of choice partners with an established sportsbook brand to ensure a seamless, problem-free betting experience for your customers like BetConstruct for example.


Step 3: Obtain an Online Gambling License

This step mainly depends on the markets you are planning to target. At Muchogaming we provide the Curacao Online Gambling License. Curacao is one of the oldest and politically stable Gaming License Providers and has become a famous and respectful jurisdiction for gaming operators during the last decades. Curacao Gambling License offers an appealing and much more flexible environment to market, with limited restrictions and it is available in most countries around the world! To find out which countries are allowed and restricted by the Curacao License click here.

However, if you are looking to target the countries covered by other globally respected and trusted gambling licenses from the Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority we can recommend taking advantage of the Whitelabel Turnkey Solutions provided by our partner ProgressPlay. To view the list of countries allowed/restricted by these licenses click here.

Progressplay can also provide you with the Irish Remote Bookmaker’s License in case you are looking to provide services to sports bettors located in Ireland.

By choosing a Whitelabel Turnkey Solution you are saving yourself the headache and the extra expenses associated with obtaining an online gambling license yourself.



Step 5: Make sure that all operations needs of your Online Gambling business are covered

Up-to-date payment methods

Provide the latest payment methods for deposits and withdrawals in multiple currencies to your players. In 2020, Bitcoin payment methods have gained popularity among players, so double-check that your provider offers a payment method suitable for Bitcoin. Along with the best payment methods make sure that you have dedicated Anti-Money Laundering and Risk Management teams watching over the safety of your business’s transactions. These steps, that can be covered for you by the Muchogaming Whitelabel Solution, will help you provide a smooth gambling experience to your players.

Online casino and sportsbook customer service

Make sure your players are happy and served by providing them with personalized customer service 24/7. Most gaming established iGaming software providers already offer Customer Support by Live Chat, Telephone, Email, and VIP Player Support. Muchogaming offers this support in both English and Japanese languages.

Step 6: Choose an Appealing Website design for your Online Casino 

If you have a web developer on your team you might want to create your own online casino or sportsbook website. Keep in mind that having a fast and easy to use the site is key to retaining your customers and keeping them satisfied with their gambling experience.

Otherwise, you can ask your iGaming software provider to use their ready CMS template and just customize your design.

Remember that your website is the face of your product and must be visually appealing, fast, and responsive. Make sure that it should be used easily from any device: PC, Tablet, or Mobile.


Step 7: Plan out your Marketing Strategy

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Team up with professional marketers to achieve the best results – unless you are a professional marketeer yourself! With the help of a good marketing team, you will find a perfect combination of marketing activities to engage in depending on your target audience. Focus on PPC, SEO and Affiliate marketing. Ask you iGaming Software provider to recommend you a marketing professional or an Affiliate platform. This will help you clarify how exactly you want to position your online casino business and achieve the desired results.



Getting started in the iGaming industry is extremely difficult, however, it can become rewarding if done right. Opting for a Whitelabel Turnkey Solution with Muchogaming can off-load many operational and routine tasks of your shoulders and let you concentrate on the most important part of your iGaming business – marketing it and creating a strong brand!


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